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1999 FBI Computer Crime Survey

The recently released 1999 CSI/FBI Computer Crime Survey details what 521 companies from various industries and of various sizes are doing to secure their computer systems. The results highlight why security is a top concern for all kinds of businesses and what every business needs to pay attention to.

For a free paper copy of the final report, "Issues and Trends: 1999 CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey," complete with graphs, charts and analysis, please e-mail your postal address to: prapalus@mfi.com

In summary the survey found that:

  • 61 percent of the organizations surveyed have experienced losses due to unauthorized computer use.
  • 50 percent of all organizations reported insider abuse of net access
  • 32 percent of the organizations surveyed are now using digital IDs
  • The average loss from theft of proprietary information is over $1.2M
  • The average loss from data or network sabotage is over $1.1M
  • 94 percent of organizations now have Web sites

Here's a closer look at some of the survey questions and results:

What types of security technology do you use?

  • Access control 89%
  • Encrypted files 59%
  • Reusable passwords 59%
  • Firewalls 88%
  • Encrypted log-in sessions 44%
  • PCMCIA smart-cards, one-time tokens 37%
  • Intrusion detection 40%
  • Digital Ids, certificates 32%

What is the most likely source of an attack?

  • Independent hacker 74%
  • U.S. Competitor 53%
  • Disgruntled employee 86%

Which of the following types of electronic attack or misuse has caused your organization financial loss?

  • Theft of proprietary information 12%
  • Sabotage of data or networks 9%
  • System penetration by an outsider 10%
  • Insider abuse of net access 35%
  • Unauthorized access to info by insider 16%

Does your company have a Web site?

  • Yes 94%

Does your organization provide electronic commerce services via a Web site?

  • Yes 29%

Has your Web site been accessed without authorization or misused with in the last 12 months?

  • Yes 18%
  • No 44%
  • Don't Know 30%


How does your business compare to those that answered the survey?

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